When using the product for the first time, gently pull the battery-insulating tab from the back of each receiver. Attach the receiver to your item. Key rings are included with CND1002 and D2. Key rings and double-sided adhesive tape are included with all other packages. To locate a misplaced item, press the appropriate button on the radio frequency transmitter. The corresponding receiver will beep (some receivers also flash). Receivers may miss a pulsed signal, so the transmitter button should be held down until the receiver begins to beep.

The range of the radio frequency transmitter is up to 60 feet.

At 90 dB, the receivers beep at about the volume of a normal cell phone ringtone.

For the original CND1002 and RFK1004 models, the key ring receivers are 2.2″ tall x 1.6″ wide x 0.5″ thick and the flat adhesive receivers are 2.5″ tall x 1.5″ wide x 0.28″ thick. For the new D2, E4, and F6 models, the key ring receivers are 2.4″ tall x 1.6″ wide x 0.4″ thick and the flat adhesive receivers are 2.25″ tall x 1.75″ wide x 0.26″ thick.

We sell two types of receivers, one with a key ring opening and one that flat with an adhesive back. Depending on what Click ‘n Dig Item Finder model you purchase, you will receive only key ring receivers or key ring and flat adhesive receivers. We include metal key rings with all packages. Double-sided adhesive tape is included in packages with flat receivers.

Batteries last 3-12 months, depending on how frequently you use your Click ‘n Dig Item Finder. Batteries come installed in the transmitter and receivers and an extra battery set is included in each package. The transmitter uses an A27 battery and the receivers use CR2032 batteries. 

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for step by step instructions on changing the battery in a receiver or remote transmitter.

If you purchase multiple units of the same model, the transmitters will activate all corresponding color-coded receivers. If you purchase different models, the transmitters of one model may still activate the receivers of other models as the receivers all use similar radio frequencies.

RFK1004 is the original model. E4 is a new and improved model. Improved features include: new receiver antenna for better reception, thinner flat adhesive receivers, flashing LED light on all receivers, and sturdier shapes and brighter colors. Also, original RFK1004 receivers may not work well when placed on a metal surface (e.g. cell phone back). The new E4 receivers are able to pick up the transmitter’s radio frequency signal, even when attached to a metal surface.

CND1002 is the original model. D2 is a new and improved model. Improved features include: new receiver antenna for better reception, sturdier shape and brighter colors, and easy battery access.

Random beeping can occur for two reasons. One is that a different radio frequency in the area is causing the receiver to beep. Another cause may be a loose battery. Check that the battery is securely inserted inside the receiver.

If you are not satisfied with our Click ‘n Dig Item Finder for any reason, simply return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund. If anything is broken or missing when you receive your package, contact us with your order number and we will promptly send any necessary replacements.

The Click ‘n Dig Item Finder comes with a full 12 month warranty. Any defective parts (including batteries) will be replaced free of charge within 12 months of the purchase date. Please contact us and provide your order number when making a warranty claim.

How to Replace Batteries